Cole and Marmalade Are Killers...Toilet Paper Killers That Is

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When these ferocious killers get into the bathroom, no roll of toilet paper is safe.

If you live with cats and seem to be going through toilet paper at an unusually fast rate, we have news for you: your cats are most likely toilet paper killers.

Cole and Marmalade are back to demonstrate just how quickly cats can destroy a fresh roll of TP. Just take a look at these toilet paper killers in action.

If your cat is constantly shredding your TP, there are several ways that you can put a stop to this murderous behavior:

  • Simply keeping your bathroom door closed is the simplest solution, though that won't work if you keep your cat's litter box in the bathroom.
  • Another alternative is to move the TP holder higher up on the wall, though whether or not that will work will depend on just how determined your cat is.
  • Playing with your cats more and giving them lots of attention can help, as many cats seek out a bit of mischief when they're bored.
  • Reversing the roll's direction on the holder and making sure that you never leave a tail of TP dangling can deter some less determined cats.

If none of these options work, you may need to resort to keeping your toilet paper in a cabinet or on a shelf above the toilet. Some toilet paper killers just won't quit until the target is truly out of sight.

Is your cat a toilet paper killer? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Cole and Marmalade Are Killers...Toilet Paper Killers That Is