Cole and Marmalade Play in the Coolest Cardboard Cat Maze

Posted by Amber King
Ginger cat with its head in a box
YouTube/Cole and Marmalade

Two lucky rescue cats, Cole and Marmalade, are always up to something.

The most recent adventure these kitty siblings went on involved 50 cardboard boxes and an epic maze all to themselves. Cole and Marmalade's owner, Chris Poole, is a self-proclaimed crazy cat guy that has no limits when it comes to taking care of his cats. He helps them advocate for animal rescue and adoption, and he's every cat owner's envy when it comes to creating the coolest cat videos.

As a responsible cat owner, Chris knows his domesticated kitties need a lot of mental and physical stimulation. Cats love to jump, run, and explore, and staying inside all day can sometimes be boring. As a way to spice up life for his playful pals, Chris turned his living room into a huge cat maze.

What started as 50 flat cardboard boxes soon turned into an intricate system of cat-friendly pathways. Chris folded and taped the boxes, cut holes in some, and then arranged everything neatly on the floor. The process looks like it took a while, but by watching Cole and Marmalade explore their new jungle gym, it was all worth it.


The two cats hop and prance their way through the maze igniting all those natural instincts that keep cats happy and fulfilled. A few treats hidden throughout the boxes gives them something to work for, and it looks like they'll have hours of fun chasing each other through their personal playground.

Both Cole and Marmalade are rescues who--with help from Chris--teach other people about the importance of spaying/neutering and adoption. They're all about spending their days hiding out in boxes and snoozing in the sun, but they're also serious advocates for important issues. Check out their website to learn more about what they stand for.

While you're at it, start internet shopping for 50 cardboard boxes so you can treat your own cats to this much fun.

Would you cats like this maze? Let us know in the comments below. 

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Cole and Marmalade Play in the Coolest Cardboard Cat Maze