Cockatoos Meet Stuffed Look-a-Like and Things Get Real

Posted by TF Oren

The curiosity is innocent at first...

A lone cockatoo flies in to check out a funny looking bird sitting on the table. Within seconds, two more swoop in to investigate the suspicious little fellow.

They eye him curiously, and one even tries to initiate a conversation. Yet, he continues to ignore them. So rude!

Time to take things up a notch...and this time, beaks are involved. The innocent curiosity has turned into something a little more, well, invasive.

Watch as things get real for this stuffed impostor:

Harsh. Sucks to be the new guy in town.

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What do you think of these cockatoos' reactions to this mysterious impostor? Let us know in the comments section!

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Cockatoos Meet Stuffed Look-a-Like and Things Get Real