Clydesdale Breaks out of Pen, Eludes Capture and Becomes California Outlaw

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When Buddy the Clydesdale broke out of his pen, he began a five-day journey that would give his search party quite the challenge. 

Sometimes you just have to live a little. Take a walk on the wild side, do something new and crazy, be a bit rebellious. And that's just what Buddy the Clydesdale decided to do when his best friend, Lancelot the Nigerian dwarf goat, let Buddy out of his pen.

Buddy's owner, Tamara Schmitz, made sure that she always closed the door to the horse's pen. However, Lancelot figured out that if he rammed the gate enough, it would open. Both Buddy and another Clydesdale, Harry, escaped, though Harry only wandered as far as a nearby field and was quickly captured.

horse escape

Enamored with his new-found sense of freedom, Buddy took off on his own. His journey would span five days as he wandered among the Santa Cruz Mountains. You would think that it would be difficult for a 1,900-pound draft horse to stay hidden, but that was no problem for this Clydesdale. In fact, he became a master of eluding the search party that set out after him, day after day.

During his escape, Buddy was spotted by several neighbors at different times. However, by the time that Schmitz was contacted and arrived at the area of the sighting, Buddy had moved off again and was nowhere to be found. The search was made even more difficult by the fact that unlike most horses, Buddy isn't tempted by the presence of other horses. This independent horse clearly enjoyed his time alone in the wilderness.

Luckily, Buddy never wandered onto the nearby highway. Schmitz and other volunteers searched for the horse from 7 a.m. until dark each day, then after five days some riders spotted the horse nearby. Buddy was captured and returned home, safe and sound. We bet that Schmitz will be putting another latch on that gate after Buddy's escapade.

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Clydesdale Breaks out of Pen, Eludes Capture and Becomes California Outlaw