Up Close Look on How Dogs Drink Water

Posted by Stacey Venzel

If you've ever stared at your dog drinking water and wondered how he gets any droplets into his mouth when the floor is now slippery wet, you should watch this video.

With summer heating up, canines are turning to their water bowls more and more. But if you have watched a dog lapping voraciously at his dish, you have likely questioned whether or not the pup is actually quenching his thirst. Most of the time, it seems like they just splash it on the floor.

Though some humans are lucky enough to have the tongue-rolling and "four leaf clover" gene, they still cannot bend their tongue backward. But with canines, that's precisely how they slurp up water.

This slow-mo video breaks down the doggy drinking process. You'll be mesmerized by the surprising technique a pooch uses.

Essentially, a dog's tongue flicks water backward into its mouth. Without this video, you would probably be aligned with millions of people who think a pup sloshes the liquid forward.

Humans gulp and sip large quantities in a short manner of time, but we are also standing upright when we drink, letting gravity work its magic. It takes dogs a bit longer to finish the same amount of liquid as a human because the process involves a more technical skill. But dogs adapted this manner of drinking to accommodate their anatomy which causes them to bend down to eat or drink.

Contrary to popular belief, dogs and cats actually employ the same method for drinking. Cats, though, don't stick their tongues in as deeply as dogs, which makes them appear to be much classier and cleaner drinkers. In reality, they're using the same backward tongue method to slurp up a refreshment just like a dog!

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Up Close Look on How Dogs Drink Water