Too Close for Comfort: Australian Toddler Photobombed by Venomous Snake

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The family of two-year old Molly Dickinson is breathing a huge sigh of relief after a close call at a home photo shoot.

Bianca Dickinson was snapping photos of her young daughter, Molly, on Wednesday at their home in Wimmera, Victoria, in the Australian outback.

Mid-shoot, Dickinson said she noticed movement near Molly's feet. At first she thought it was just a piece of tree bark. A second look revealed that it wasn't tree bark at all, but something far more sinister.

The object moving near her daughter's feet was a large Eastern brown snake. The Eastern brown is the second most venomous snake in the world and is the leading culprit of snakebite deaths in Australia.

Dickinson knew that if she snatched Molly out of harm's way, she could risk startling the snake. It took every ounce of her self-control, but she remained calm. Molly, blissfully unaware of the danger slithering past her feet, stood perfectly still as the snake made its way past her and into the grass.

"I think because I stayed still, she then stayed still and it literally just kept slithering past," Dickinson said.

As soon as the snake passed, Dickinson swooped in and grabbed Molly. Once they were safely back inside, Dickinson checked her camera to see if she had captured photographic evidence of Molly's brush with danger.

In fact, she had:

Two-year old Molly Dickinson poses for a photo, completely unaware of the danger at her feet.
Two-year old Molly Dickinson poses for a photo, completely unaware of the danger at her feet.

"The photo still makes me have heart failure...I didn't sleep last night and I have just eaten for the first time since it happened," Dickinson told Daily Mail Australia.

Fortunately, Molly remains oblivious to her close call with one of the world's deadliest snakes.

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All photos by Bianca Dickinson via Daily Mail.

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