Clear the Shelters Event Sees Over 46,000 Pet Adoptions

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The second annual Clear the Shelters saw 20,000 animals adopted on July 23 and over 46,000 adoptions throughout the month of July.

July 23 marked a monumental day for over 20,000 rescue pets. For the second year in a row, more than 40 local NBC and Telemundo television stations sponsored Clear The Shelters, a nationwide adoption event.

680 animal shelters participated by offering no-cost or reduced-fee adoptions. Rhodey the pit bull mix, Tilda the pug terrier mix, and an iguana named Charizard are only three of the 20,000 animals that will now celebrate July 23 as their special Adoption Day.

Many shelters throughout the country emptied their kennels in a matter of hours. For the BARCS animal shelter in Baltimore, it took only six hours to find homes for 37 dogs. The adoptions of an additional 35 dogs are pending while waiting to be spayed or neutered. BARCS wrote on their Facebook page,

"Empty cages! All of these doggies found homes today during Clear the Shelters."

An animal rescue shelter in Stonington, Connecticut found homes for all 13 of their kittens within 10 minutes of opening their doors.

In Texas, eleven shelters cleared their kennels by facilitating 2,894 adoptions all within one day.

Across the country at the Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco, there were 80 dogs all older than seven years old and weighing between 3 and 110 pounds waiting to be adopted. By the end of Clear the Shelters, 19 of those senior pups had found forever homes. That's a record-breaking number for a shelter specifically catering to senior animals.

Veteran pet parents with histories of supporting animal shelters joined new pet owners looking to rescue for the first time. Shelters focused on finding the animals homes that were "perfect matches."

Clear The Shelters
Clear The Shelters

Ringo Star, a tiny pup from the Muttville shelter, has been diagnosed with AIDS. His new owner, Ruben Echeverria Hernandez, specifically wanted a dog that needed special care. Ringo fit the bill. Along with his two new siblings, Ringo and his owner make one happy family.

Over 20,000 animals went home for the first time on July 23, but as of July 27,  the Clear the Shelters organization had successfully facilitated 46,977 animal adoptions in 2016. That's double the number of adopted animals from last year's inaugural event.

We are now a family of three! #mybabies #perfectlove #adoptdontshop #cleartheshelters

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To hear more about the great success of Clear the Shelters, tune into an NBC-owned television station tonight, July 29. NBC news anchor, Natalie Morales, will be hosting a 30-minute Clear the Shelters program.

For more heartwarming stories of adoption, check out #ClearTheShelters on Twitter and Instagram.

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Clear the Shelters Event Sees Over 46,000 Pet Adoptions