City of Modesto Condemns Apartment Building But There Are Pets Inside

Posted by Jason Sarna

Get these pets out of there!

Ophelia Cooper came home on Sunday night (Aug. 13) to a padlock on her door. Her belongings and two dogs were locked inside.

"If they knew they were going to do this, they should have come to me and said, 'You need to get your dogs because we're going to be padlocking the apartments,'" Cooper said.

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The building was declared unfit for human occupancy after city inspectors found mold, standing water, vermin, and other health hazards.

Cooper said her relative, who lives next door to her, was taken into custody as he tried to get into his locked apartment. His two dogs were trapped inside.

Check out the video below:

"Frustrated is like a nice word for what I'm going through, right now. A very nice word," Cooper said. "I feel like it's animal cruelty because they know the dogs are inside."

KCRA reached out to the property manager
about the padlocks, but he immediately shut the door.

The California Department of Consumer Affairs states evicting a tenant involves a detailed court process. Until that's settled, according to consumer affairs, "A landlord cannot physically remove or lock out a tenant, cut off utilities such as water or electricity, remove outside windows or doors, or seize (take) the tenant's belongings in order to carry out the eviction."

"I feel like they illegally locked us out of our place," Cooper said.

City officials voted two weeks ago to offer financial assistance to tenants who were told to move out. No word on the dogs.

What would you do if your dogs were trapped inside a condemned apartment building? Let us know in the comments section below!

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City of Modesto Condemns Apartment Building But There Are Pets Inside