City Life vs. Country Living: A Day in a Dog's World

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Some dogs prefer city life while others can't get enough of the country life.

Cruising the sidewalk in a raincoat is the idea of a perfect night out for some canines. Others prefer to dig their paws in the mud down on the farm.

Who are we to judge?

Really, dogs seem content to just exist. And a lot of them will simply go wherever the human takes them.

But we rounded up some photos to showcase the differences between country and city living when it comes to pampered pooches.


When you have to put him in the back of the pickup so you can get 30 seconds peace to put your boots on... ?

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Rain Gear


Day Hike


#farmdog ???‍♂️

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Work Life

My sweet Boy likes to ride on the tractor. #kabota #tractor #farmdog #livelife #youcandoanything #dogsrule

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Spring time at #bannermanor #lamb #babyanimals #beagle #beaglesofinstagram #farm #lambing2017 #farmdog

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my new friend Padfoot! we're only a day apart in age!

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At the end of the day, we can all agree dogs will be dogs--and they all enjoy cuddling up inside.

There are also those canines that prefer the island life. Others take it a step further with the boating life.

Wherever they are and whatever they're doing, if it's a dog's life, it's probably a happy life.

Is your pooch a city dog or country dog? Tell us in the comments below!

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City Life vs. Country Living: A Day in a Dog's World