Christmas Comes Early with Matching PJs for You and Your Dog

Posted by Stacey Venzel
matching dog PJs
Image via Fab Dog Inc.

Don't leave your dog out of the picture when it comes to matching Christmas pajamas.

From awkward family Christmas photos to ugly Christmas sweater parties, you thought you'd seen it all. But thanks to Fab Dog Inc., you haven't.

Humans can now don matching pajama pants with their canine's nighttime winter apparel.

Four great styles are available, including plaid, flannel, and thermals at $50 a set.

It's no surprise that the dog pajamas are a hot commodity, as this is basically every dog owner's dream. If the style of dog PJs you're pining for is currently out of stock, be sure to visit Fab Dog on Nov. 25 when more pajama set shipments arrive.

dog PJs
Image via Fab Dog Inc.

In case your matching PJ needs are time-sensitive, there are other options to fulfill your holiday PJ needsAmazon can dress the whole family with Charlie Brown PJs and candy cane stripes as well as the classic plaid pajama look. Click on the links above to shop around for entire family sets, including your best friend with four legs! We can't think of a more perfect way to open presents Christmas morning. Your family deserves a little relaxation. And this makes for a creative gift for all your fellow dog lovers. 


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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Are matching dog-human PJs a dream come true for you? Share your excitement with us about matching family pajamas in the comments below! 

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Christmas Comes Early with Matching PJs for You and Your Dog