Chris Pine Adopts a Pit Bull Puppy to Add to His Pack

Posted by Amber King

While Montreal fights a legal battle against breed discrimination, pit bull adoptions in L.A. go on uninterrupted.

One of Hollywood's favorite actors recently welcomed a square-faced canine into his family. Best known for his roles in the popular "Star Trek" franchise, Chris Pine spent his day off at the North Central Shelter in Los Angeles, California in search of a new forever friend.

The shelter's sister page, Home Dog L.A. announced on Instagram that the actor went home with an adorable black and white pup believed to be a pit bull mix. The cute canine is known so far as "Wednesday Weld."

The shelter shared a picture of Pine posing proudly with his newly adopted pooch. They also publicly thanked him for bringing attention to their adoptable dogs.

Pit bulls and pit bull-like dogs are continuously slammed with bad publicity. They're thought to be dangerous and aggressive, and those stereotypes have had devastating effects.

The world is looking toward Montreal as a proposed city-wide pit bull ban puts the lives of hundreds of innocent dogs at risk. But the Canadian city isn't the only area to succumb to breed specific legislation.

There are  more than 700 American cities that either actively ban pit bulls or follow some kind of breed specific ordinance. Denver and Miami are listed among them.

Thanks to Pine, one more pit bull has been given a bright future. North Central Shelter hopes his actions will inspire others to adopt, not shop.

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Chris Pine Adopts a Pit Bull Puppy to Add to His Pack