chimp snuggles puppy

Chimp Snuggles Puppy At Wildlife Preserve


People love chimps. But a chimp and a puppy together is a heart-melting combo. 

The Myrtle Beach Safari is a preserve known for providing wild animals a safe place to live out their days with trained professionals taking care of them. Visitors have a couple of different options for touring the facility. Their social media accounts also give an insight into the day-to-day at the facility and what visitors can expect. But the cutest interaction may be when one of the chimps snuggles a puppy.

Chimp Snuggles Puppy


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 Primates are known for having human-like qualities. This chimp at Mrytle Beach Safari is no exception. Chimps are often shown with baby chimps playing and cuddling, but this cute animal takes the aww factor up a few notches. The TikTok video shows the chimpanzee Vali meeting a pit bull puppy for the first time.


The interaction is almost something out of a Disney movie!  In this video, Vali sits on the ground with his trainer as a baby monkey runs around on one side, and a pile of puppies sits on the other. While these might not be newborn puppies, they certainly are adorable and are the right size to be handled by the chimp.

The pooch sits there quietly as the chimp reaches over and picks it up. Vali gently hugs the pup like a toddler would hug a plush toy or baby doll, nice and gentle.

The trainer asks Vali if this is the dog he wants to name and what he wants to name it. While she is talking, Vali looks over the puppy, cuddling it like a baby and kissing its tummy. You can tell that these two are going to be best friends. I think the preserve may need to add some dog toys to the exhibit!

While the interaction is adorable, subscribers to Myrtle Beach Safari's TikTok have mixed reactions to the meet and greet. Jack Matthews commented, "And they are best friends." While ChimpFLix agreed, writing, "Monke+puppy= good friendship."


Arii points out one of the cutest parts, "HE KISSED PUPPIES STOMACH," which got a reply from the preserve affirming Vali's sweetness. "Vali loves meeting and caring for any babies."

But Lauren.N.Facenda comments, "This makes me nervous." Many others commented in agreement. Another user wrote, "I'm sure he's lovely and gentle, but he's still an unpredictable animal, don't take the risk with puppies." Those who agreed were concerned the chimp would use the pup as an interactive toy and eventually hurt it. However, rescue dogs and chimps have had a long history of interaction, from puppies to even senior dogs.

Interestingly enough, chimps actually share 98 percent of their DNA with humans. So while they are much stronger and can be unpredictable, I doubt the preserve would put puppies at risk, and that's why the trainers are close at hand.

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