The Chillest Great Dane Floats Along on Her Pool Floatie

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Katie the Great Dane lives quite the luxurious life in her pool.

Humans live in a go-go-go world. With man's best friend constantly at our side, it's no wonder pooches get anxiety, too. But this dog seems to have a monopoly on the stress-free lifestyle.

Historically, Great Danes have been linked to royalty, their natural poise a prerequisite for life in a palace. But these giant dogs are also known for being timid and skittish. Katie the Great Dane is changing up that stereotype.

See for yourself.

It looks like Katie has mastered summertime. Don't we all wish we could lounge in the pool like this pup?

Most dogs either fear water or love water, but few can enjoy it for its tranquil qualities. Maybe they should take a lesson from Katie the Great Dane. In fact, humans could learn a thing or two from this relaxed dog! Dogs parallel their owners' stress patterns, which means it is extra important for pet owners to remain stress-free.

Every once in awhile, we all need a lazy day to regroup before tackling that big bad world out there; not just humans, but dogs, too!

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The Chillest Great Dane Floats Along on Her Pool Floatie