10 Chihuahua Fears Explained...Kinda

Posted by Samantha Bubar
All photos by Samantha Bubar

If anyone has ever owned, met, or seen a Chihuahua- you've seen the trembles.

I can't even begin to count how many times people have asked me if my Chi, Hambone, is cold or just plain terrified. My response is always, "No, he's just a Chihuahua."

Now, some Chis are actually scared, or cold. But Hambone trembles like this in the safety of our own home, wrapped in his favorite fuzzy blanket, tucked into a mountain of pillows on the couch. Hambone trembles usually because you have something, and he wants it.

Whether it's popcorn, bacon, a glass of water, a sandwich, pizza; he'd like a bite, please.


It's a Chihuahua thing.

While the shaking isn't indicative of fear or pneumonia for him, there are some things that he is very much afraid of. Most things actually. Here are 10 examples:

(And, to be clear, no Hambones were harmed in the making of this post!)

10. Paper

Tissue paper, toilet paper, writing paper, legal size, and letter paper, to be exact. He doesn't discriminate, Hambone hates all paper all equally.


9. TV Remote

If it's on the couch, he won't go near it. He also doesn't like when you set it down near him.

8. Gas

Not the kind you put in your car. Hambone is scared of his own farts, your farts, your friend's farts. Anything close-range. He's not a fan.

7. Plates of Food


Until he realizes that it has food on it. Then he will lick that plate clean.

6. Spoons

Even if there is food involved, even then, he's hesitant to approach the spoon. Does not apply to forks or knives. Chi logic is that those are less threatening than the curved utensils.

5. Cell Phones

Especially if they are trying to take his photo. Also not a fan of selfies.

4. Plastic Dog Toys


Tennis balls, squeaky toys, plastic bones; Hambone is not a fan of dog toys. If it's not fluffy, he's not even going to look at it. Not included in this category- stuffed hedgehogs. He has four, and they are his absolute favorite.

3. Plastic Bags

Poop bags, grocery bags- basically anything that makes a rustling sound. Leaves also fall under this category.

2. Anything Piled on Stairs

If there is anything at all on the stairs, or at the bottom of the stairs, he won't walk past it. He won't even look at it.


 1. Balloons

This is the biggest no-no. These air-filled sacs are synonymous with death and should be avoided at all costs. And you better hope one doesn't pop. Or else.

We do our best to minimize the scary things in the house for little Hambone, and keep all those scary remote controls at bay. It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it!

All photos by Samantha Bubar

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10 Chihuahua Fears Explained...Kinda