Dallas Man Often Seen Walking His Chicken in a Stroller

Posted by Daphne Cybele
Chicken in a stroller Katy Trail
Photo: WFAA News

One man's mission: to make you smile with his chicken in a stroller.

For the past couple years, Milt Strong has been pushing a stroller on the Katy Trail in Dallas five days a week. Sitting pretty in the stroller is one of his three hens.

"Some people kind of look and look away, like they didn't see it and they don't want me to know they saw something," Strong said in an interview with NBC Dallas Fortworth Channel 5.

"I get all kinds of reactions, but generally everybody smiles and that's what I like." 

Chicken in a stroller Katy Trail
Photo: Dallas Morning News

Why does he put a hen in the stroller?

"I do it because it helps me get healthy and it put smiles on people's faces." Strong told the Dallas Morning News.

Strong realized he had something special and different when he saw all the other animals on the trail. He decided that on his next walk, he would just bring his own pet along.

"About three years ago I noticed people walking their dogs, small dogs in strollers. I started seeing a whole lot of goldendoodles, those expensive dogs. And I thought, 'I've got a cock-a-doodle,'" Strong said with a laugh. "So I started pushing my little chicken." he told Channel 5.

Chicken in a stroller Katy Trail
Photo: Dallas Morning News

Milt is a well-known figure on the Katy Trail. His chicken strolling gets him healthy exercise and neighborly social time. While Milt is single, we're sure any future girlfriends will give credit where credit is due. Strolling chickens are chick magnets and the ultimate wingmen, er... winghens.

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Here's a video of Milt and his hen in action.

As strange a sight it might be for us, for the Dallas locals who walk the Katy Trail, Milt and his hen are a welcome sight. Who doesn't want to stop and say good morning to a chicken?

Chicken in a stroller Katy Trail
Photo: Travel Trails

Have you ever seen Milt and his chickens? Tell us in the comments below. 

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