This Is Where Your Chicken Nuggets Went When You Were Out

Posted by Paige Cerulli

If your dog is anything like the dog in this video, then here's the reason why your grocery bill is so high and why your chicken nuggets keep disappearing. 

Has your dog been eating less of his food than usual? Do you find your own grocery costs increasing with no discernible explanation? Well, we may have found one for you, particularly if your dog is the extremely determined and creative type.

You won't believe how the dog in this video acts until you see it with your own eyes. We all know that dogs are incredibly smart, but this dog really proves that at a whole new level. Left alone, you can see her (her name's Lucy) go through her various options while deciding the best route to take to get to her goal.

She's smart, she's clever, and most of all, she's hungry. Take a look.

Lucy the Beagle proves that nothing is safe in her house. Beagles are notorious for their never-ending appetites, and watching Lucy, you'd believe it. While entertaining, it's also important to notice that Lucy has accessed a toaster oven which is still hot. Plus, she's eating human food which could upset her stomach. Not an ideal situation.

If your dog is as determined as Lucy, you have a few options to help keep him safe when you leave him home alone. Consider closing him off from the kitchen using pet gates or by closing the doors of the surrounding rooms. This may not work if your dog is athletic and has figured out how to climb or otherwise get over the pet gates.

Another option is to leave your dog in a crate while you're gone. Start by introducing the crate gradually, and make it a place where your dog likes to be. Leave the door open, put some of your dog's favorite toys inside, and start feeding him meals and treats in the crate. Your dog will gradually acclimate to the crate and you'll be able to leave him in it for longer periods of time.

And oh yeah - always put your chicken nuggets away before you leave!

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This Is Where Your Chicken Nuggets Went When You Were Out