Chicken Couture

These Chickens Looks So Pretty in Their Fluffy Jackets


We've seen rubber chicken handbags, chicken tutus, chicken coin purses, but have you seen chicken aprons? And no, not chicken-themed kitchen aprons for cooks! These chicken aprons are for your sweet farm chickens. Your chicken is going to look adorable in their Hen Couture Saddle.

This piece of chicken apparel isn't just for fashion. The Hen Couture Saddle provides relief and protection of the back from pecking hens during molting season and from a rooster's spurs during breeding. By keeping your chicken covered, their wounds will have the chance to heal.

HEN COUTURE Hen Saddle Single Strap Apron Jacket Standard Size Chicken Poultry (Red)

  • Rooster spur damage protection
  • $12.99
  • Made of cotton

You can find the beautiful hen jackets on Amazon for only $12.99. And yes, they're Amazon Prime eligible! There's an elastic band on each side to slip behind each wing, so you won't be hurting your chicken when putting the saddle on them.

Customer reviews are fantastic. People are lovin' the fluffy layers on their pretty chickens. A customer left a five-star rating and said, "Fits perfect with no bulge or wrinkles and wraps around my babies so perfect."

So sweet! These Hen Couture jackets are machine washable, which is a major plus. Another advantage of using the chicken saddle is for protection from predators. The bright colors will deter aerial predators from attacking your precious chickens.

Unfortunately, they may not fit bantams or large breeds of chickens. Be sure to only leave the hen jacket saddle on your chickens for a temporary period of time. After a while, your chicken may feel a little uncomfortable in it.

Add these chicken jackets to your wishlist today! Your homestead will soon be a fashion runway for your pretty chickens. Snap plenty of pictures and share them with friends. They will love it!

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