Tell Us You've Heard of Chicken Football...

Posted by Daphne Cybele
running chicken football
David Spencer on Flickr.

If you haven't seen a game of chicken football, you're missing out.

Chicken football is a vastly under-appreciated sport, but we're sure it's only because the game of chicken football is not yet widely known.

Those who are in the know will tell you that you really haven't lived life to the fullest until you've caught a game or two of chicken football.

chicken football
Image used with permission of NoremaC Studios

What is chicken football? Picture a chicken running at full speed, racing, dodging, and feinting in order to stay ahead of a pack of chicken pursuers. The aim of the game? To prevent the lead chicken from eating all of the treat!

The pursuing chickens try to catch up and steal a bite of the treat in the lead chicken's mouth. The pursuer who does catch up then becomes the pursued... because the treat is the football in this game.

We haven't actually seen any serious football style tackles or pile-ons, but chickens are definitely in it to win it when it comes to chicken football.

football chicken walk
Image by Paul Dineen on Flickr

Here's a video of some Plymouth Rocks matched up against some Rhode Island Reds to show you what we mean:

Are you looking to scout up a team of your own?

How can you spot football talent in your own chickens? Backyard chickens will play chicken "keep away" (aka chicken football when treats are scattered on the ground.) Here are some tips to consider:

We've found that small pieces of bread or small chunks or slices of watermelon are the most effective game starters when it comes to chicken football. Start by throwing out one piece. Chickens will investigate, and the game begins!

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Throw a treat or two at a time. You want every chicken to get a treat, but you also want them to stretch their legs and get some scrimmage going!

Skip chicken football in hot weather. You don't want to overheat your chickens.

A good game of chicken football is a team effort that ends with every chicken getting a piece of the action and a treat. No chicken left behind, and no left-out chickens!

We've also noticed that chickens are really darn cute in football attire.

chicken football
Used with permission of NoremaC Studios

Cameron Smith of Noremac studios gave us permission to use the pictures he took of his chicken in a New York Giant football jersey.  He wrote on his post (linked above):

"In honor of football season I decided to take a few pictures of my chickens in New York Giant gear. My Italian Greyhound Slim just so happens to have a jersey that is a perfect fit for the birds. I googled chicken football jersey and didn't see any images of chickens in football attire, so this may be a world first! Bok Bokkk to football!"

Too fantastic.

We've also got Pudgie the FDNY chicken as a possible recruit to the game (right now he prefers to watch from the sidelines as their mascot).

pudgie, chicken football
Image via NY Daily News

Foul ball or fowl ball?

In Europe, soccer is called "football" and the football we know in America is called "American football." A Chinese fan trained roosters to kick a soccer ball. So that's another kind of chicken football...

Image from The Cracking Egg Co.

So there you have it, you are now in the know about the vastly under-appreciated sport of chicken football, and you've seen some darn cute chickens playing the game and strutting their stuff in football attire. Go out and spread the word!

Do you have chickens that appreciate the fine sport of chicken football? Let us know in the comments below!

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Tell Us You've Heard of Chicken Football...