Farmer Laughs Just Like His Chickens and It Really Is Uncanny

Posted by TF Oren

They say that after a while, pets and their owners start to look alike. 

But that's not completely accurate.

Version 2.0: After a while, pets and their owners start to look alike AND sound alike.

At least, that's the case for this chicken farmer whose mirth sounds suspiciously like the chickens he spends his days with.

This farmer's chicken chuckle is so spot-on, the guy who's interviewing him can't keep it together.

Check it out:

Uncanny, isn't it?

And now that' we've got you laughing, check out this hilarious breakdown in the newsroom and this belly laugh-worthy compilation of dog fails.

What do you think of this farmer's case of the giggles? Let us know in the comments section!

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