Chicken, Dog, Little Boy and More Run for Mayor of Small Kentucky Town

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rabbit hash mayor

Meet the new Canine Mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky!

Mayor Brynn for short, or Brynneth Pawltro if you insist on formalities, bested Bossy the chicken, Higgens the donkey, a small boy named Isaac, and six other candidates to become the Mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, (population 315) on a progressive political platform of "peace, love & Brynn."

The beautiful pit mix won the mayoral election by a very wide margin.

new mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky
Mayor Brynn Facebook page 

In addition to the new dog mayor, the first and second runners up Bourbon and Lady are newly appointed canine Ambassadors of Rabbit Hash.

Ambassadors Bourbon and Lady are Australian Shepherd and Border Collie breeds, respectively. Mayor Brynn is also an ambassador, not just for the town as elected mayor, but also for her breed since she is of the pitbull terrier clan.

Therefore, the three-year-old pit bull does double duty for her small Kentucky town and for misrepresented pitties everywhere!

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Bourbon, rabbit Hash ambassador-America

Mayor-elect Brynn decided to run for office when the former canine mayor Lucy Lou, a Border Collie, and third mayor, stepped down after eight years of service.

Lucy Lou's predecessors were Border Collie mix Mayor Goofy Borneman (1985-2001), and Black Labrador Junior (2001-2008).

While both of Mayor Lou's predecessors died in office, she took a different route and decided to retire while she could still enjoy life in the private sector. Government work can be tiring.

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Australian shepherd mayor of rabbit hash Lucy Lou

The Rules of the Race

What does it take to run for official mayor of Rabbit Hash? There's a little less red tape than you might expect.

The official rules for candidates state: "Candidates may be biped, tri-ped, or quadruped and must be able to chase a rabbit from their home to the Rabbit Hash town center within one hour's time."

Ducks and geese are excluded.

Rabbit Hash Mayoral Candidates

Looking ahead to 2020 & Voting

Do you want to vote for the Rabbit Hash mayor in 2020? You can! First of all, anyone may vote (early and often) regardless of age or residency in these elections. The only voting requirement is that you pay $1 per vote.

The official rules state: "As in politics everywhere else, the candidate with the most money will become the next mayor of Rabbit Hash KY."

Follow the Money

The election is overseen by the Rabbit Hash Historical Society to raise funds for the town. Projects funded by elections include the newly restored and rebuilt Rabbit Hash General Store which had a devastating fire in 2016.

Check out some election posters from the other candidates and contenders:

Higgens the donkey


fat cat Stella for mayor

walter for mayorlouis-lou-ee for mayor

Finally, after a tough election, Mayor Brynn emerged victorious. The very first official mayoral In-dawg-uration Ball was in January (a celebratory time, complete with live music, was had by all). Now that the race is over, it's time to get to work.

Mayor Brynn is taking her mayoral duties very seriously. She makes frequent appearances at events and (most of all) she kisses babies like any other politician.

Follow current Mayor Brynn on Facebook. Sign up for news of future elections from the Rabbit Hash General Store website.

rabbit hash best elected official What puppy would you like to see as Mayor of your town? Let us know in the comments below!  

Photos via: Mayoral Candidates Facebook Page unless otherwise specified.

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Chicken, Dog, Little Boy and More Run for Mayor of Small Kentucky Town