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$40 Magnetic Chicken Dishwasher Cover Is Perfect for Grandma's Kitchen


If you grew up in the south, then you know someone who has a chicken-themed kitchen. You know our grandmas love cattle and chicken decor! There's just something about country decor. If you or your grandparents love farm animals or chickens, then they're going to be amazed by this chicken dishwasher cover.

Amazon is selling a dishwasher cover that will truly be the best piece of decor in Grandma's farmhouse kitchen. You can find a few options for under $40. Grandma is going to think it's too funny, but she'll enjoy it. Her birthday will be here before you know it (along with a few holidays) so grab one and spruce up her cluckin' home decor with quirky appliance art.

Dishwasher Magnet Covers

1. Magnetic Dishwasher Sticker, Funny Chicken face Dish Washer Cover for Kitchen Decor Full Size

Grab this $40 chicken coop kitchen dishwasher cover today! The magnetic dishwasher cover is too cute. It's perfect farmhouse decor for rooster-themed kitchens. Plus, it's a great way to enhance your outdated stainless steel dishwasher.

This high-quality dishwasher cover magnet is going to be a hit when you decorate your kitchen.

2. Kitchen Decoration Farmhouse Dishwasher Cover Magnetic,Rooster Country Decor Magnetic Sticker , Chicken Dishwasher Panel Decal Decor, Animal Home Stickers for Closet,Refrigerator 23x17inch

Consider this kitchen & dining wall art for your dishwasher. The cover comes in different sizes. The art print is going to be Grandma's favorite chicken collectible yet.

The baby chicks and goat look adorable.

3. Country Rooster Kitchen Cabinet Door Sticker,Sunflower Sunshine Dishwasher Cover,Vintage Cock Refrigerator Sticker Wallpaper,Farm Fresh Chickens Washing Machine Vinyl Decals

This vintage look is also a favorite. There are over 15 designs to choose from.

Amazon has some cow dishwasher covers available. If your farm-lovin' friends and family love cows, then consider one of these instead.

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This post was originally published on March 12, 2021.

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