Thinking of Raising Chickens? Here Are 5 Chicken Coops to Get You Started

Posted by Ashley McElmurry
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What's that I hear about Austin, Texas paying you to raise backyard chickens? Sign me up! 

If you're living in Austin, or anywhere around the world for that matter, raising backyard chickens is a great idea regardless of compensation. There are plenty of benefits that come along with raising your own chickens like enjoying a delicious farm fresh egg or having them around purely as a stress reliever. Whatever your reason may be, there is something so natural about the whole process.

If you've been looking into raising chickens yourself or have teased the idea in your head, here might be a good place to start. We have gone ahead and put together a list of some cool and essential coops to get you started. Already raising chickens? Maybe it's time for a coop makeover!

1. Petsfit Outdoor Chicken Barn Chicken Coop

chicken coop

This weather resistant chicken coop is perfect for wanting a little flair when you're just starting out.

Get this wine-colored coop with a featured nesting box for just $159.99.

2. Chicken Coop Outlet 

chicken coop

This bad boy of a chicken coop can hold up to four to six chickens, depending on breed, and is great if you're looking to renovate. Complete with little windows that peek in the door, covered in chicken wire, you can check in on your pet chicken as they provide you with fresh eggs.

This coop is available for just $289.95.

3. Merax Cedar Wood House Chicken Coop 

chicken coop

This deluxe chicken coop is another housing clutch that is perfect for beginners. There is a nesting hen house as well as a removable tray for easy cleaning.

Shop this coop for $189.90.

4. Prevue 465 Red Barn Chicken Coop

chicken coop

This chicken house is made to give you and your chickens that real farm feel. This large chicken coop is big enough to give your chickens room to frolic and play in the outdoor run! It also has a ventilated roosting area with roosting bars and a nest box.

Get set up with this one for just $278.70.

5. TRIXIE Pet Products Chicken Coop

chicken coop

Here we have another coop design perfect for beginners. This wooden chicken coop is built with a nesting house and sleeping house, each with a hinged roof and removable divider.

This is great for fitting two medium-sized chickens and will only cost you $194.99.

We know that the decision to raise chickens is exciting and overwhelming. We hope this list of backyard chicken coops helps you get started in your new journey in bringing home some precious egg-layers.

What are you looking for in a chicken coop? Tell us in the comments below! 

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Thinking of Raising Chickens? Here Are 5 Chicken Coops to Get You Started