Chicken Babysitter Has Her Wings Full with Quadruplet Baby Goats

Posted by TF Oren

Four baby goats are a lot to handle.

That's why new mama goat Khaleesi was more than happy to let Helga the hen help keep an eye on her newborn quadruplets.

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Little Bernie is especially fond of his babysitter and follows her around like a puppy dog.

Fortunately, at eight years old, Helga has seen it all and is cool as a cucumber about keeping track of these rambunctious kids.

Watch this capable lady babysit the you-know-what outta some baby goats like a pro:

Helga and the babies are all residents of Sunflower Farm Creamery, a no-cull dairy goat farm.

Every goat at Sunflower Farm lives a full life as either a dairy goat or a pet goat. You can learn more about the farm and its operations here.

Now that you're primed and ready, we've got plenty more baby goat action to keep you going. Check out this adorable baby goat mashup and then click here to drop everything and watch 13 baby goat videos that are far more important than whatever it is you're doing right now.

What do you think of Helga's babysitting skills? Let us know in the comments section!

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Chicken Babysitter Has Her Wings Full with Quadruplet Baby Goats