Chicago Brewery Employs Feral Cats as Pest Control

Posted by TF Oren

When traditional pest control solutions fell short, Chicago's Empirical Brewery got creative.

Rodents and other pests threatened the sterility of the Chicago brewery's grain, and by extension, the brewing process. So, in December, brewery staff decided to try a different approach to pest control: feral cats.

They adopted four feral cats from Tree House Humane Society's Cats at Work program. It was a win-win. The cats, Venkman, Ray, Egon, and Gozer, got a new home. And Empirical Brewery got its own in-house team of exterminators.

"We built them a house, we feed them, we change their litter and in exchange they offer the best pest control solution around," says the brewery's website.

Brewery cats Egon and Gozer taking five. Photo courtesy of

The cats didn't have free roam immediately. According to the website, they underwent "a brief acclimation period" before they got the run of the place. Now, the four brewery cats have free reign to do what they do best.

The cats have taken a shining to their new job, and the public has taken a shining to them. You can follow the adventures of head honcho Venkman and the other brewery cats via Venkman's Twitter account.

It looks like this is a case of rescue cats to the rescue. Yet another example of why it pays to adopt.

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Chicago Brewery Employs Feral Cats as Pest Control