Chi Institute Uses Acupuncture to Calm Chicken into Egg Laying

Posted by Stacey Venzel
All images via Chi Institute/Facebook

Florida's Chi Institute showed veterinarians just how influential animal acupuncture can be, catching on video how the needle therapy can even calm a chicken into laying eggs.

The world-renowned Chi Institute in Reddick, Florida specializes in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, treating animals holistically through the extension of TCVM employed in alternative human health care. Studies are based in the Florida location with training, classes, and annual conferences around the globe.

As with humans, different types of acupuncture can be used in animals of all shapes and sizes, from dogs and cats to turtles, birds, and horses. The veterinarians in this video, trained in the dry needling technique, demonstrate the tranquil effects of acupuncture, using only one needle in the head to relax a chicken into egg-laying.

Watch as the chicken's posture changes from stretched and alert to compact and relaxed:

The chicken seemed startled a bit when the egg plopped, but she certainly seemed relaxed during the egg-laying process!

This revelation has positive implications for egg-bound birds and reptiles, who could suffer serious medical consequences if not able to pass an egg--including death.

Just how does acupuncture work? The energy-stimulating technique involves placing needles into specific locations, or acupuncture sites, across a creature's body. TCVM notes over 350 acupuncture sites in animals and 12 meridians, which can be transposed among different species.

These locations have a high density of nerve cells and blood vessels that are stimulated when poked with a needle, releasing energy referred to as "qi" or "chi."


Animal acupuncture has proven effective for many illnesses, especially in instances of chronic pain, such as arthritis. Needling can reduce inflammation and increase blood flow, improving ailments ranging from paralysis to neurologic disorders.

Anxious animals can even benefit from acupuncture treatment, as evidenced with the calming effect seen in the video above. Treatments typically start out weekly and are reduced over time.


A handful of acupuncture methods can be employed, depending on the animal patient's medical situation. Dry needling is the simplest and most common. Other forms include aqua-acupuncture, electrical stimulation acupuncture, hemo-acupuncture, and moxibustion (using warmed herbs instead of needles over the acupuncture sites).

As the Chi Institute says, "We may never be able to answer the age old question, 'Which came first, the chicken or the egg?' But, we know how to relax the egg out of a chicken."

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All images via Chi Institute/Facebook.

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Chi Institute Uses Acupuncture to Calm Chicken into Egg Laying