Check out the Calendar Pet Appreciation Days in May

Posted by Mateja Lane

May is both the Respect for Chickens month and Pet Cancer Awareness month. 

Are you the kind of person who loves to celebrate? Well, the good news is that there are days of the year representing almost anything, including pets!

This month is Pet Cancer Awareness month, but also Respect for Chickens month. Official Respect for Chickens Day is May 4, which is also Be Kind to Animals week. There are a lot of days to mark on your calendar for the month of May!

Check some out.


Make sure you pack your pet emergency kit to recognize National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day. Also make sure you hug a cat on International Hug a Cat Day, one of the most important pet appreciation days. Maybe you should even hug a chicken to celebrate the month as a whole.

How will you be celebrating some of these pet days this month?

Happy Respect for Chickens and Pet Cancer Awareness month!

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Check out the Calendar Pet Appreciation Days in May