Dogs Meet Baby Animals and It's a Good Time All Around

Posted by TF Oren
dog and turtle

Our four-legged best friends never fail to amuse, delight, and entertain us.

What you're about to see is no exception.

From the confused Golden Retriever and his tiny turtle, to the pup who doesn't know quite what to make of the hedgehog in his living room, this video compilation of dogs meeting various baby animals is sure to crack you up:

It's a little hard to tell whether some of these odd couples will form lasting friendships (and in the case of the white dog and the aggressive duckling, our money's on no), but for those who do, here's a look at the science behind unlikely animal friendships.

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Need more baby animals? Check out this baby goat hopping like a pro and this baby ferret having some serious wiggle dreams.

What do you think of these silly dogs and their adorable little friends? Let us know in the comments section!

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Dogs Meet Baby Animals and It's a Good Time All Around