Check out This Doberman Family, and Their Horse, of Course

Posted by Paige Cerulli
All images: The Dobie Team via Facebook

When you combine four dogs, a horse, and some very good looks, what do you get? This awesome Doberman family. 

If you love the Doberman breed, then you're sure to fall in love with this stunning family. Leslie grew up around both dogs and horses, and today she has a herd consisting of both.

Leslie owns four Dobermans - Boss, Kyra, Gaia and Zeus. She also shares her life with her grey horse, Contino.

Dobie 2

The dogs all get along well with Contino, but Boss and Contino have become fast friends. Boss and Contino were drawn to each other from the very beginning, and neither had any fear of the other.

Contino is very gentle with Boss, and the two enjoy spending time together, giving each other kisses, and interacting with each other.

Dobie 1

As for the dogs? They all get along fabulously. They always play together and hang out as a pack, and it's a very good-looking pack, at that!

If you love the Doberman breed, you'll know that these four are really great-looking dogs. The photos prove it!

Dobie 3DObie 5Dobie 4Dogs and horses can learn to get along together quite well, as long as they're introduced and supervised properly. It can help to introduce a dog to a horse when the dog is fairly young, but it's also important for both the dog and the horse to be well-trained and obedient.

If you plan on introducing a dog to your horse, make sure that you have other people available to help you, and always make introductions gradually. Some dogs and horses just naturally get along, such as Boss and Contino, but it's still important to make sure that both animals are safe around each other.

Dobie 6

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All images: The Dobie Team via Facebook

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Check out This Doberman Family, and Their Horse, of Course