Company Makes Tailored Doggy Snowsuits for the Poshest of Pups

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All Images via Facebook/ Cane & Co.

Who said functional couldn't be fashionable?

When your dog's built-in fur coat isn't enough to keep him warm during winter's fiercest days, Cane & Co. has your solution. This Etsy shop makes made-to-order doggy snowsuits to keep your pup warm when the temperature drops--not to mention they're adorable.

Not every breed was born to frolic in snow flurries, but staying inside all winter simply isn't an option. These custom tailored snowsuits give even summer-loving pups the chance to get out and play.

two greyhounds wearing pajamas

Each product sold by Cane & Co. is handmade to a dog's exact measurements using quality materials. The triple-layered snowsuits are made from thermal batting, fleece, and ripstop nylon, so they're just as functional as they are fashionable.

The snowsuits are specifically designed to fit the unique body shape of Italian Greyhounds, but all breeds are accommodated. All you have to do is provide Cane & Co. with your pooch's breed and measurements, and they'll craft a quality piece of pet clothing to fit their needs and body shape.

greyhound wearing jacket

The inspiration for Cane & Co. came from a Greyhound owner who was tired of buying generic pet clothing that didn't fit properly. She needed a way to keep her dogs warm during the winter, so she set out to create a better solution.

After seeing how her small project benefited her dogs and brought smiles to everyone they encountered, she decided to share her idea with the world of dog owners.

greyhound wearing rain coat

Cane & Co. is now a successful business offering a number of different pet clothing styles. There's the original doggy snowsuit, and they also make raincoats, fleece pajamas, puffer vests, and scarves.

With overwhelmingly positive reviews on Etsy, it's clear that dog owners across the country love Cane & Co. One customer wrote:

"The shop owners are super kind and were able to create a super high quality jacket with some very helpful additions. They also saved my carpet! My iggy refused to go to the bathroom outside and with this jacket (and vest) she goes without hesitation!"

Cane & Co. is all about combining fashion with function. Treat your pup to a warm winter by heading over to their Etsy shop to make an order.

All Images via Facebook/ Cane & Co.

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Company Makes Tailored Doggy Snowsuits for the Poshest of Pups