Check out Maxim the Bengal Cat Who Has Quite the Enviable Closet

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Maxim the Bengal cat likes to get dressed up, and if you have an eye for fashion you'll envy his wardrobe!

How's your wardrobe these days? Are you a true fashionista with all of the newest trends in your closet, or are you lagging a bit behind and sufficing with mainly t-shirts and jeans? Well, Maxim the Bengal cat is a very stylish feline with quite the enviable closet.

Maxim is from Moscow, Russia, and he wears clothes all the time. This striking Bengal cat looks right at home in a sweater, coat, or t-shirt, and his expansive wardrobe reflects his stylish taste. Of course, when you look as good as Maxim does, you have to take photos, and Maxim's owners post these to his Instagram page, which has over 21,000 followers.

Take a look at some of Maxim's stunning styles.

Like this embroidered number: 

Любите и будте любимы ?

A photo posted by @maxim_the_bengal on

Or Maxim's loungewear: 

Воскресенье- самый любимый день в нашей семье?

A photo posted by @maxim_the_bengal on

Also his business attire: 


A photo posted by @maxim_the_bengal on

Maxim knows green is his color:

Любимая зелень ?

A photo posted by @maxim_the_bengal on

And he won't leave the house without looking his best:

Первая зимняя прогулка ❄️❄️❄️❄️

A photo posted by @maxim_the_bengal on

He's not shy about rocking animal prints:

Это наш самый первый и любимый свитшот!?

A photo posted by @maxim_the_bengal on

But is a serious business kitty when need be. 

Maxim is a king at heart:

But likes to dress casual, too:

He doesn't ignore footwear:

Or denim:

Ох уж этот прищур ? прекрасного дня, друзья!✌?

A photo posted by @maxim_the_bengal on

And Maxim is always ready for the holidays!

Образцово-показательный кот сегодня ?

A photo posted by @maxim_the_bengal on

Okay, we admit it - we're a little jealous of Maxim's awesome style. From a jean jacket to super adorable sweaters, Maxim's wardrobe is full of great looks.

But Maxim doesn't need clothes at all for us to fall in love with him - just look at this cat's stunning looks! Maxim's own hair is a work of art, with its distinctive spots and stripes. Bengal cats usually have amazing coats which look both exotic and luxurious. It's hard not to fall for a beautiful Bengal cat.

But these cats aren't for everyone. Bengals are high-energy and require lots of room to be able to move about. They're not generally quiet cats, and can actually get pretty vocal. Bengals are more high-maintenance than your average cat, so if you're considering adding one to your home, then you'll want to really do your homework and learn everything that sharing your home with this breed entails.

Then again, you can always follow Maxim's Instagram page and live vicariously through those photos. What a cool cat!

All images: Maxim the Bengal via Instagram

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Check out Maxim the Bengal Cat Who Has Quite the Enviable Closet