Check out Esther the Wonder Pig's Nice Little Winter Hat

Posted by Tori Holmes
Esther the Wonder Pig in a winter hat

Esther the Wonder Pig knows that the best way of dealing with the winter cold is by dressing warmly.

She also know that warm clothes don't have to be bully or frumpy - they can be super stylish! Don't believe her? Just take a look at her fancy new winter hat.">

This isn't the first time we've seen Esther modeling some pretty snazzy clothing. Her fans from around the world send her many wonderful pieces to add to the "Haus of Esther hogue couture."

If you would like to contribute to Esther's growing collection of hogue couture, you can mail her at:

Esther the Wonder Pig
c.o Derek Walter and Steve Jenkins
#162 Guelph Street Suite #420 Georgetown, Ontario

You can also make a donation to Esther and her family on her website.

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