Check out All the Tricks This Little Irish Boy Taught His Rescue Donkeys

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A 12-year-old Irish schoolboy is taking the talents of his two pet donkeys to the next level, showing the world that they're smarter than they get credit for. 

When most people think of donkeys, doing tricks on command is probably not the first thing that comes to mind, but one young boy in Ireland is showing the world that there's more than meets the eye when it comes to these gentle creatures, and he has the videos to prove it.

Colm Seoighe has been hand-raising his two miniature donkeys, Bliathín and Noinín, a mother and daughter pair, for the last two years, and in that time he's taught them each a variety of talents and tricks. From walking in circles to raising their feet on command to flipping various boxes and baskets, Seoighe has been working with the pair, an effort he said takes time and patience.

"They've very smart. I've been teaching them for around two years now, since I got them," he said in an interview with Independent.

Colm's father, Pádraig, says that his son loves the animals, and enjoys working with them. He apparently gets upset if anything negative is said about his furry friends, and for good reason - the pair didn't come from the best set of circumstances, and their trauma must have required quite a bit of trust and understanding to overcome.


"When we got them, they were in bad shape and really in need of a home," said Pádraig. "He's done a lot with them since. He talks to them both in English and Irish."

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Colm regularly uploads videos of his donkeys on his YouTube channel, where he also shares footage of original songs, and adventures he finds himself in on the family farm. To see more of Colm's work, you can visit him here.

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Check out All the Tricks This Little Irish Boy Taught His Rescue Donkeys