Cheap But Necessary: 9 Versatile Pet Products All for Under $15

Posted by Stacey Venzel
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Small and affordable, these products are things that all kinds of pets need.

People spend a lot of money on pets every year, so why would you be any different?

From catnip bubbles to vitamin C tablets for your guinea pig, these pet products are cheap but necessary.

Check out these items that won't break the bank!

1. Kookamunga Krazee Kitty Catnip Bubbles, 5 oz

catnip bubbles
Entertain yourself and your kitty with catnip bubbles this year. This brand is only $5.69. We've got more feline ideas in our cat toy gift guide.

2. Xentyx - Puppy Dog Pet Toys For Small to Medium Dogs (Set of 4)

dog rope toy

All dogs like a good rope toy. This four-pack comes in different styles, on sale for $11.87.

3. Kaytee Comfort Harness & Stretchy Leash
rat leash

Leashes go through so much wear and tear, it's never a bad idea to have an extra on-hand. Even itty bitty rodents can fit into a leash. Complete with a harness, you can take your rat, hamster, or guinea pig out to see what snow is!

This tiny leash costs $5.47.

4. Blue Ridge Naturals - Sweet Tater Fries (1 lb.) - Naturally Healthy Dog Treats

dog treats

Chew treats are a tasty stocking addition for dogs and cats. The healthier, the better! Sweet potato adds essential vitamins to the canine (or feline) diet.

These are available for $12.98.

5. Pet Republique ® Cat & Dog Toothbrush Series

pet toothbrush

Stockings are always filled with the essentials, even for pets. Don't forget to include toothbrushes this year.

This six-pack costs $7.80.

6. Oasis Vita-Drops Concentrated High Potency Pure C for Guinea Pigs

vitamin c guinea pigs

Vitamins and supplements are a good idea in stockings. Guinea pigs often lack vitamin C in their diet, so if you have a cavy, you can buy these drops for $5.72.

Be sure to read the instructions on how much to give!

calcium powder

Reptiles often suffer from calcium deficiencies. Nip that in the bud with calcium powder, costing $7.23.

8. Colorfulhouse® Waterproof Pet Boots

dog bootiesBooties provide protection from the elements and help with traction. These ones are on sale for $13.00. Check out other options with our dog booties gift guide.

9. Intrepid International Nifty Horse Brush

horse brush

Throw in a horse brush if you live on a farm. This one costs $14.03. Check out more equine presents with our horse gift guides.

If you don't like picking and choosing products for your pets, try these subscription boxes that come right to your door each month! And know we are giving away a year's-worth of subscription pet boxes with our Holiday Pet Selfie Giveaway!

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Cheap But Necessary: 9 Versatile Pet Products All for Under $15