Charlotte Dujardin Gets Her Very Own Valegro for Christmas

Posted by Paige Cerulli
Images via Horse and Hound

Charlotte Dujardin received a very special Christmas surprise - a rocking horse crafted to look just like Valegro. 

Just before saying goodbye to her superstar dressage mount Valegro, rider Charlotte Dujardin received a totally awesome Christmas surprise from her fiancé, Dean Golding. Golding commissioned the creation of a rocking horse to look just like Dujardin's Olympic mount, Valegro, and presented it to Dujardin just before Valegro's retirement ceremony.

The presentation took place at Olympia, and Golding encouraged Dujardin to come to the Stevenson Brothers booth by tempting her with some shopping. The miniature Valegro was there waiting for her, and is a secret that Golding has kept for a year.

Charlotte being presented with a Valegro Rocking Horse at the Olympia International Horse Show at Olympia, London, UK; on 14th December 2016

The incredible rocking horse is made by Stevenson Brothers Rocking Horses, and is completely customized to resemble Valegro. This mini Valegro features a mane and tail made of real horsehair, and sports a handmade saddle and bridle. He even wears a Team Great Britain saddle pad, as well as white leg wraps. The lower beams of the rocking horse are engraved with the dates of the pair's most remarkable performances, including their numerous record-breaking rides.

While Dujardin retired her superstar mount later that day at Olympia, she hasn't said goodbye to him forever. Dujardin hopes to ride Valegro in clinics and demonstrations, though the horse is retired from the competition world. In the meantime, Dujardin is on the hunt for a new dressage horse to bring up through the competition levels, and to hopefully take to the 2020 Olympics.

While she won't be riding Valegro daily anymore, Dujardin now has her very own mini Valegro to remind her of her journey with this incredible horse.

Images via Horse and Hound

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Charlotte Dujardin Gets Her Very Own Valegro for Christmas