Pint-Sized Pooch Thinks a Kitchen Knife Is His New Toy and Oh Boy...

Posted by TF Oren

"Charlie, give Daddy the knife."

Talk about a sentence you never dreamed you'd have to say... to your dog!

Charlie's dad gets quite the surprise when pint-sized Charlie comes moseying around the corner with a giant knife in his mouth, tail wagging, and looking pretty pleased with himself.

His expression when he sees his dad react is pitch perfect. "Whatcha gonna do about it?" is written all over his little face.

Well, played, Charlie. Well played.

Fortunately, Charlie's obedience training pays off and he nonchalantly drops the knife when his dad bends over to retrieve it.

How and where the you-know-what did Charlie get his chops on that honking knife? Who knows? Hopefully Charlie's dad figures it out, though, before Charlie finds the power tools in the garage.

This is a perfect example of how our dogs are always surprising us. And we bet the next time your dog walks into the room, you'll look twice at what he's got in his mouth.


What do you think of Charlie's mischief-making? Tell us in the comments section!

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