Channing Tatum Got a Rescue Horse Named Cajun for His Birthday!

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Channing Tatum
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Hollywood actor Channing Tatum turned 36 on April 26, 2016, and his wife bought him a steed named Cajun.

Celebrities can buy anything, but when they make room for an animal amid the fame and fortune in their lives, it sure puts a smile on their fans' faces.

Channing Tatum's few recent posts to Instagram of his new maned friend have proven that. The first post, captioned "best birthday gift ever from my wifey," has over 290,000 likes and almost 5,000 comments since its appearance on social media feeds.

Best birthday gift ever from my wifey

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The Airstream trailer in the background suggests Tatum has quite the luxury farm travel taste.

Tatum also posted a Braveheart-esque video of a camouflaged face painting job (artistically done by his nearly three-year-old daughter, Everly). In the clip, he rides off into the sunset atop his new horse, reportedly a rescue.

Braveheart paint by Evie, new rescue horse named Cajun on a sunset ride. Thanks for all the birthday wishes

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The name "Cajun" is an unlikely equine nomenclature in the eyes of many horse lovers, but for an Alabama boy from the Cajun-inspired bayou swamp lands, it's not all that surprising a choice. Once a country boy, always a country boy.

Tatum's love for barnyard animals didn't start with this birthday horse. Cajun joins rescue horse Smoke, who Tatum introduced to the Instagram world in August 2015. He also had a pet goat named Heather, who recently passed away.

Meet "Smoke" my rescue horse. He loves beer! We're meant to be. (to be clear he just loves the smell)

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Girl and her goat. RIP Heather. You had a damn good long run sweets.

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Tatum and wife Jenna Dewan rescued a pitbull named Lulu in 2008. They also have a miniature Japanese Spitz named Meeka.

Morning ride. My lulu is so rad she lets me win.

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The Tatum menagerie appears to be ever-growing. With so many shelter animals awaiting adoption, we are happy to see celebrities using their voice to spread awareness about animals in need of forever homes.

We won't be surprised if these animals start becoming celebrities in their own right.

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All images via Channing Tatum/Instagram.

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Channing Tatum Got a Rescue Horse Named Cajun for His Birthday!