Channing Tatum Announces Vegas Show...with Puppies

Posted by Stacey Venzel

You've probably heard by now that "Magic Mike" is coming to Las Vegas, but have you seen Channing Tatum's announcement made with cute puppies (and shirtless men)?

Channing Tatum stole our hearts in April when he introduced the Instagram world to his new rescue horse, Cajun. This country boy has a soft spot for animals in need, with a growing menagerie of adopted pets.

Now he's stolen our hearts again.

Cosmopolitan collaborated with Tatum and a team of hubba-hubba shirtless men to produce a promotional video for the upcoming Vegas re-make of "Magic Mike." Their marketing team sure tapped into the female psyche, adorning the muscular montage with adorable puppies.

Yes, puppies crawl and cuddle with hunky men in this video:

"Magic Mike" will hit Vegas live at the Hard Rock in March 2017. Puppy appearances are not guaranteed... unless you ask for them.

You can leave a comment at the video's website with your requests for the "gentleladies'" club in Vegas. Dogs and male heartthrobs? Put your hands together.

If you're into puppies and shirtless men, request that bow-wows make a cameo in the show here.

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Channing Tatum Announces Vegas Show...with Puppies