The Challenge: Decorate the Christmas Tree with Cats in the Room

Posted by Paige Cerulli
cat in christmas tree
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If you've ever tried to decorate the Christmas tree with cats in the room, then you know just how epic this video is going to be.

There's something about cats and Christmas trees that's just...shall we call it magical? Is that the right word for it? Perhaps not. Especially when your cat is knocking your tree over for the fifth time at 2 A.M., your ornaments are shattering, and you're trying to pry your cat from the branches. But that's just the challenge that cat owners accept each Christmas.

You'd think it would be simple. I mean, how much trouble can cats really be, especially when you're right there to defend the tree from these tiny pumas? Well, the answer is: A whole lot of trouble. Much more trouble than you'd ever imagine.

Need we say more? Just see for yourself.

All things considered, Cole and Marmalade are surprisingly well-behaved for this video. Marmalade is definitely the tree-climber of the two, but even he doesn't cause any major disasters.

But that doesn't mean the tree will stay up. Cole and Marmalade's owner knew better, and just assembled the tree for fun before putting it away. That doesn't mean you have to give up your dreams of having a Christmas tree when you have cats - but you need to be strategic about it.

The best way to protect your Christmas tree is to put it in a room your cats don't have access to. If your house isn't set up in a way that this is possible, choose your decorations very carefully and consider securing your tree in multiple places to prevent tip-overs.

Also, avoid tinsel, because if a cat ingests it, it can cause intestinal blockages that require surgery. The same goes for ornaments that your cat may be tempted to chew on. And never leave your tree's lights plugged in unless you're home to supervise.

Good luck with your Christmas tree - and with your cats!

Has your cat ever destroyed the Christmas tree? Share the story with us in the comments.

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The Challenge: Decorate the Christmas Tree with Cats in the Room