After Being Chained for 9 Years, This Dog Gets a New Home

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Edith the dog lived chained in a backyard for nine years, but don't worry - she got a new home eventually and is now well cared for. 

Sometimes you have to wonder why certain people choose to have pets. At least that's what you're sure to think when you watch this footage of Edith, the dog who was chained outside for nine - yes, nine - years. PETA tried to help the dog, and volunteers would bring her treats and food. They also provided her with a doghouse.

Still, Edith's limited life outside continued. After nine years, when Edith's owners were ready to move, they gave her to PETA. And Edith got a new home with one of the volunteers who had been caring for her for years. Take a look at how animated and happy Edith looks when she finally gets to take a ride to her new home in a car.

Certain cities and towns have laws about keeping dogs on chains or tethers. If a city forbids this practice, then the owners may face a fine. In Edith's case, there was likely little that PETA could do, except to keep Edith as comfortable and as well cared for as possible. Still, it's a sad story, but at least Edith has a loving home now.

While you might not be able to help every pet out there, there are many ways that you can help pets in need. One of those ways is to go out and adopt a pet from your local shelter. By adopting a pet, you're giving a pet a second chance at finding a great home. You'll also be freeing up space in the shelter so that they can help another pet. And your adoption fee will go to pay for food, veterinary care, and other items needed to help out a new pet. It's a great cycle to be a part of.

Before you go out to buy a cat or a dog from a breeder, remember that pets like Edith need new homes, too. You can always head to the shelter to see if there's a pet there who catches your eye.

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After Being Chained for 9 Years, This Dog Gets a New Home