Celebrate National Service Dog Month with These Canine Helpers

Posted by Stacey Venzel
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September is National Service Dog Month, which means guide dogs are in the spotlight once again.

From therapy dogs to seeing-eye dogs, canines help people get through life every day. They lead the blind, protect the disabled and comfort the mourning. It's about time they get a month all to themselves.

September is the month to celebrate service dogs for their selfless and smiley nature. Even though they're excellent nurturers, these pooches are also stars at being adorable.

Check out this montage of service pups reminding us that they're still dogs at heart.

Puppy bjorn today, puppy cape tomorrow.

A little caffeine on the job.

Stopping to smell the flowers.

Little Pike KNGF #servicedogs

A photo posted by Bobbie the lucky bastard dog (@bobbieluckydog) on

Noble leaders, not the best sharers.

Patrolling the field.

Beach time!

Sun's out, tongue's out.

Tag team shoppers.

Balancing act.

Spotty service.

Awww #gorgeous #puppylove #servicedogs

A photo posted by Jennifer Guenther (@jennyguenther) on

Service dogs are fantastic friends. They often become lifelong companions for their person after the pups reach retirement age.

Even though it seems like a service dog is always on the job, they make sure to fit in playtime and live life to the absolute fullest--with the fullest of hearts!

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Celebrate National Service Dog Month with These Canine Helpers