What Your Cat's Week Looks Like

Posted by Paige Cerulli

With life being so busy, have you ever stopped to think about all of the happenings in a week in your cat's life? 

Humans tend to be very busy. We have schedules and appointments and deadlines. There are chores to do, work tasks to complete, and, of course, cats to take care of. But that doesn't mean that we're the only busy ones in the house. A week in your cat's life is actually full of events and chores, too.

This video takes a lighthearted look at the schedule of your cat's life. Little did you know that your cat's actions are so deliberate, and that he frequently reschedules cuddle time with you to be as inconvenient as possible.

The cats in this video sure have mastered their schedules - they know just what they need to do every week. Take a look!

So, did the video pretty well summarize the events that are on your cat's calendar? My cats have a few additional events: There's the run-around at 2 a.m., there's trying to escape out the front door, there's the daily tumbling match against each other, and of course, there's chewing open the envelopes that arrive in the mail before I can get to them. And - how could I forget - the nightly stalking of the toilet paper rolls?

One factor that you're sure to find in any cat's life is independence. Cats are fiercely independent, and the more that you try to get them to listen to you or do as you ask, the more independent they seem to become.

Of course, that's just part of having a cat in your life, and it makes the times when your cat decides to willingly get into your lap all the more sweeter.

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What Your Cat's Week Looks Like