Cats Playing on White Staircase Is Oh So Relaxing

Posted by Paige Cerulli

If you need a few minutes of relaxation time, then this video of cats playing while on a staircase is just the thing for you. 

Watching cats playing can be a great way to de-stress after a long day. Cats are incredibly agile and fast, and their playtime will undoubtedly be filled with all sorts of impressive athletic moves and feats. A little time playing with your cat will have you smiling and laughing, even if you're tired or have other things on your mind.

This video allows anyone to join in the enjoyment of watching cats playing. This five-cat family has gathered together in a stairwell for some good old playtime. They're totally cute, fun, and relaxing to watch as they laze about and play. Maybe it's something about that white staircase as a backdrop...take a look!

Playtime is essential to keeping cats both entertained and physically fit, especially if your cats live indoors only. It's also a great idea to have multiple cats, since they also tend to socialize and play together, as you see the cats doing here. Having multiple cats in your home often means that they are more active than a solitary cat tends to be. They can motivate each other to play and run around.

There's another benefit to having multiple cats - socialization. If you're away for work for most of the day, multiple cats can keep each other company while you're gone. Don't worry, you'll still get the same enthusiastic greeting when you come home. It's just that this time, there will be two cats to greet you.

If you're thinking of adding a second cat to your home, be sure to check out your local shelters. It's always nice to be able to give a home to a cat in need.

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Cats Playing on White Staircase Is Oh So Relaxing