Cats on Mats: Denver Shelter Holds Yoga Classes to Promote Adoption

Posted by Stacey Venzel
Denver Animal Shelter/Facebook

Cats in Denver are invading yoga studios and finding forever homes.

Denver Animal Shelter is employing yoga as an avenue for feline adoption. The rescue center has scheduled four yoga classes with roaming cats. On Tuesday nights through May 3, 2016, yoga enthusiasts and cat lovers can practice calisthenics on a mat while purring four-legged mammals meander through the poses.

On top of the stretching and mindful workout, yogis are guaranteed a little TLC from a curious cat. Some felines lay in the middle of the floor while others rub up against participants' legs, seeking out a new owner.

Agostina Serra/Flickr
Agostina Serra/Flickr

Donations of $10 are encouraged for the class. Make a reservation, too, as yoga with cats is a hot commodity!

Colorado isn't the only state giving downward dog a new name. A yoga studio in Illinois opened its doors to the meow-meows last summer, in collaboration with Homeward Bound Pet Shelter. The adoption event worked! At least one cat found a forever home. The Denver yoga-cat class also spurned a number of interested adoptive parents.

Victor Sounds/Flickr
Victor Sounds/Flickr

Denver Animal Shelter reports the average stay for a feline in their shelter is only 10 days, an impressive number considering the number of animals crowding shelters for months awaiting adoption. Even if a yoga session doesn't end in an adoption, the creative idea establishes awareness for animals in need.

Anyone not looking for another cat to add to the family can still try yoga at home with their pet. It's a fun and innovative bonding experience!

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