10 Cats in Baby Bjorns Because They're Really Our Babies

Posted by Mateja Lane

Cat owners aren't shy about going overboard when it comes to our furry babies. 

I shake my head sometimes at the amount of toys I buy for my cat. Or the fact that I keep switching her food every month because she seems to have liked that other brand better.

Cat owners are a special breed but it's probably because our cats made us this way.

It's not our fault we want to take our cats everywhere and do whatever makes them happy. We may not be ready for real, human babies, but that doesn't mean we can't spend our money on baby bjorns...for our cats.

The cat probably loves it. 

man with cat in baby bjorn
Bunny Food/Tumblr

 Not brand name, but better. 

cat in baby bjorn
Soft and Cozy Baby/Blogspot

Backpacks work.

cat in backpack

Proud Papa

cat in baby bjorn

A for effort.

cat in baby bjorn
The Wise Serpent

You can learn how to make one here

DIY baby bjorn

"What do you feel like snacking on?"

Proud and prouder. 

cat in baby bjorn
Baby Grace King/Blogspot

Also useful for baby panthers.

cat in baby bjorn

Strollers also work.

cat in baby carriage

If you have a cat, then you get it. If you are cat-less, you are missing out on some great opportunities to feel like a slave to ridiculousness.

But it is all worth it in the end when you have a purring ball of love in your lap.

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10 Cats in Baby Bjorns Because They're Really Our Babies