This Is What It Looks Like When Cats Get Mail...

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Sure, we all get excited when we're expecting something in the mail and it finally arrives, but when these cats get mail they take it to the extreme. 

Why go out and spend money on store-bought cat toys and cat trees, when your cat can get that same entertainment when the mail arrives each day? When cats get mail, it turns into such an exciting experience. One can only imagine what their mail carriers think.

You have to check out this video - it's a full two minutes of cats going absolutely crazy when the mail is dropped through the mail slot in the door.

If you have anything important coming in the mail, you'll want to snatch it up before these cats get to it. One can only imagine what the mail looks like when they're done. Take a look.

It's important for indoor cats, especially, to get regular exercise and entertainment.

While these cats get some entertainment and exercise when the mail's delivered, if you don't have a mail slot in your door, then you'll need to come up with some other ways of entertaining your cat indoors.

You can buy some cat toys to spark your cat's interest, but often homemade toys are the best - throw a ball of rolled-up paper into a paper bag, or shine a flashlight against a shadowed wall.

Playing can keep cats active, leading to a healthier cat and reducing the chance of your cat getting overweight. These cats clearly seem to know how important playtime is, and they also know just where to find the best entertainment in the house.

After all, who needs a guard dog when you have these cats around?

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This Is What It Looks Like When Cats Get Mail...