Talented Felines: Cats Can Do Agility Too

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Agility isn't just for dogs, anymore - this cat proves that the felines are just as agile as canines!

If you're familiar with agility, then you probably envision dogs racing around courses of jumps, ramps, hoops, and other obstacles. Canine agility is a highly popular sport, with national competitions held every year. Agility for horses has also recently become a sport which is growing in popularity.

But agility for cats?

Cats are widely regarded as being difficult to train, but don't tell that to Daniel King, the young man who has taught his cats exactly how to navigate agility courses. King sets up different courses in his home, and his cats seem to enjoy working their way through the obstacles.

The cat in this particular video is just eleven months old but is already well on her way to mastering the agility course.

Note that King's obstacles all appear to be lightweight, soft, and easy to knock down. This is an important safety measure, especially when starting to teach a pet agility. If you design an agility course, make sure that the obstacles are designed to keep your pet safe.

Think you'd like to teach your pet some agility? It's important to start small and progress slowly so that the experience is a positive one for your pet. Start by teaching your pet to stay, and then to come to you when you call. Next, you can add in your first obstacle. Keep the obstacle very small and easy to navigate, and then reward your pet whenever he or she makes an effort to navigate the obstacle.

Teaching your pet agility can be a long process, and requires patience. If you have questions, be sure to consult with a professional pet trainer or a local agility club.

Does your cat do agility? Tell us in the comments below!

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Talented Felines: Cats Can Do Agility Too