Cats Can Do Anything When They Put Their Minds to It

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When this determined cat sets his eyes on something he wants, there's absolutely nothing that will stop him from getting it. 

Cats are known for having independent, sometimes stubborn personalities. They're masters at getting what they want, no matter what, and the instant that you want them to spend time with you is the moment they decide they want nothing to do with you. The determined cat in this video perfectly sums up cat behavior.

This cat wants his favorite toy, which has been placed on a shelf above his reach. But that won't stop this determined cat, of course. After all, that's his toy, and he wants it, and therefore he's going to get it down. Take a look - this video is cute and shows just what incredible things cats can accomplish when they put their minds to it.

Do you have a particularly determined cat at home? One of my cats enjoys opening up all of the kitchen cupboards, just because. I've tied them shut and have even installed child-proof locks (some of the cupboards contain cleaning chemicals which I don't want him to have access to), but still, my cat somehow succeeds in opening the cupboards. Cats love a challenge, after all.

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For cats, persistence pays off, and they seem to learn that they can get anything they want. Whether it's stealing your seat when you get up or getting you to let them inside, then outside, then back in again, cats truly rule the household.

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Cats Can Do Anything When They Put Their Minds to It