Cats and Water: A Love/Hate Relationship

Posted by Samantha Bubar

Some cats love water, and some hate it. 

Is water friend or foe? Some cats are curious, some are hesitant, and some (bigger) cats are ready for a swim!

"Who is ready for a swim!"

"C'mon in guys! The water's fine! Just like bathwater."


"No. Nope. No, thank you. No way."

"There are sharks in there."


"This is the best toy ever! Thanks humans!"

"It never stops! How do I kill it!?"


"Do you guys drink out of this?"

"I keep getting water in my nose."


"What is this giant bath?!"

"I don't get it."


"This bed is cold and damp."

"Who do I call to request room service?"


"A little water? No big deal. I'm not scared."

"Just shake it off, shake it off. Or something like that."


"Just a little drink, nothing big."

"I'm definitely not getting my paws wet."


"It makes a nice mirror."

"So you can see how beautiful I am."


While these cats seem skeptical at best, some cats aren't ready for bathtime to end!

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Cats and Water: A Love/Hate Relationship