These Cats Act Like Humans and It's Hilarious

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When cats act like humans, it suddenly becomes apparent just how well they understand us.

Sometimes, cats act like humans. They seem to have conversations with us, even if we can't understand quite what they're saying. They definitely get possessive of their space, and it seems that many cats have senses of humor. Cats know how to push our buttons, but they also know how to comfort us when we're feeling down.

But sometimes cats act like humans so accurately that it makes you wonder if we've underestimated just how much they understand us. This video features cats which could very well be humans, at least according to their behavior. They ride bikes, relax in front of the TV, kick back in a hammock, hold their own baby bottles, and more.

Does your cat act like a human? Cats clearly pick up on our behaviors and habits, and some of these cats seem to have mastered being "human." But then again, that's part of life with cats, isn't it?

Cats are part of the family, and there are many ways that you can ensure that they're happy in your home. Spend some time playing with your cats every day, and make sure that they receive quality food in order to keep them healthy. Many cats also appreciate companionship - having multiple cats can ensure that your cat always has a buddy around, but it's important for you to spend time with your cat, too.

Finally, don't forget to design your home so that your cat's natural behaviors can be fulfilled. Include scratching posts or cat trees so that your cat can climb and scratch his nails. Your cat will appreciate a window seat so that he can watch birds, and toys which satisfy his hunting instinct will also keep him happy.

While cats may act like humans, don't forget that they have natural feline instincts, too.

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These Cats Act Like Humans and It's Hilarious