Cat with Magnificent Squirrel-Like Tail is Impossible Not to Look At

Posted by Christy Caplan
Kitty Bell

This kitty Bell has 150,000 followers on Instagram.  

I'm in love with Bell's beautiful squirrel-like tail. It's so fluffy and she's so adorable I want to spend time with her! If you check out her Instagram feed you'll also see that Bell likes to dress up and show off her tail.

We learn from that she's a munchkin cat combined with a Persian Mix, a breed that's also known as a "minuet cat" or Napoleon breed.

You must follow her adventures. What's that tail telling us? IS bell a happy cat? We think so!

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🐈 Day 22 is a cat's day Bell tried purple cat 🐈 22日は #にゃんにゃんの日 #ふわもこ猫耳 でふんわりにゃんこ 🐈 #火わいいにゃん祭 @oreonyan さん主催💕 #猫love祭 @uni_yasuko さん主催💕 #女子力高めにゃんこ祭り #女子力高めにゃんこクラブ紫陽花パーチー @verveine64 さん主催💕 🐈 #necos #関東にゃんこ部 #らぶにゃんるうむ #ネコ部 #ペピ友#ペトこと猫部 #ウェブキャットショー #ウェブキャットショー2 #猫八写真クラブ展2018 #にゃんわんグランプリ #PECO公式LINEにデビューしたい #mooramoora食べたい #Kisscamera #わんにゃブル #うちの子ファースト#ねこたうん #p1しあわせ顔フォトコン #dcmペット #ねこ #ねこ休み展ウォーカー 飼い主:りこ ペット:ベル #cotton_to #ザギンザ特選コットン #B希望 #dcmペット #ねこ #miawmiawカリカリ 🐈 NAME : Bell ベル Breed : minuet ミヌエット 🎂 : 2016.5.15 2歳

A post shared by ミルクティーカラーのベルちゃん&すずちゃん (@ricorico_rico) on has a great article about cat behavior and you can see from Bell's pics on Insta that she's a happy cat!

"If your cat is happy, you'll see them strut their stuff and waddle around the house with a proudly curved tail," Christman tells me. "This is known as a 'question mark tail,' and it expresses the presence of a confident and happy cat."

So, we need to understand the subtleties of tail curvature! 

The article also tells us that while some cats are more playful in nature than others, cats will only act playful if they're happy. 

This adorable cat with short legs and a fluffy tail has captured the hearts of us all! With that round face, a bushy tail, fluffy rear end, and glorious tail it's no wonder we all want to meet Bell!

How beautiful is this cat? Please let us know in the below comments what you think! 

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Cat with Magnificent Squirrel-Like Tail is Impossible Not to Look At